The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

The Good

With Heatleys camp negotiating with NYR, the possibility of an improved offer certainly exists.

As well, to this point, Edmonton has made it clear they want Heatley, even with all of the drama in getting there.

I know OTT is happy with the EDM deal, and were enthusiastic about it getting done last night prior to midnight.

The Bad

Some believe Heatley’s having “delayed” his honouring his word on accepting a trade to EDM has actually reduced his value, and Murrays leverage in improving the deal.  The thinking goes that, with Heatley making it obvious he’ll manage this deal from the sidelines, Heatley will place pressure on the Sens to accept any deal to a club he desires, or face the prospect of him refusing to move.

Personally, I doubt it.  Why?  Because, make no mistake, Heatley has been told, in no uncertain terms, that he is not in control.  He will be given the decision of choosing between the best offer, and playing in Ottawa.  Melnyk has personally taken a roll in this, and has made it clear, he will not go down alone, and if Heater wants to try to ruin him, he’ll return the favour.

The Ugly

All of this drama could ultimately cost Murray the ability to make FA moves, and leave him caught in the middle of a pissing match between Melnyk and Heatley.

It’s unfortunate that Heatleys camp is commited to getting everything they want, AND hurting the Sens as much as possible in doing so.

My Guess?

Something will happen before noon.

Here’s the thing.  The season officially begins at 12:00 noon today.  A payment, as per the CBA, could not be made prior to that, or it would have had to be tagged against last years salary cap.

Here’s where it get’s interesting.  Any team owning or having owned a players rights, between 12:00 noon July 1st, and 11:59 p.m. July 1st are responsible for any payment due that day.

This means, if a deal happens in that 12 hour window, both sides must also negotiate who is responsible for that payment, prior to 11:59 p.m.  It can be divided in any manner.  As of 12:00 midnight July 2nd, the team with Heaters rights also take on his Cap hit, and forward salary payment commitments.

This all plays a major role in what went down last night, and don’t believe for a second nobody knew this information prior to the reported July 1st 12:00 midnight deadline.

Did everybody know this?  That is unclear, but, trust me, it was not a new development for everyone involved.



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