Tambo Gonna Get To Stroke “The Ego”

Tambo & KLowe off to visit Heatley at the Castle in Kelowna.
Chips and beer all around?
Ooooh, I sure hope McAlpine doesn’t get too jealous.
What will Dany demand…a “C”?
Better believe it.


2 Responses to “Tambo Gonna Get To Stroke “The Ego””

  1. My thoughts .. I think Heatley will say yes to Tombo ..
    I am thinking about the deal ..
    Penner may not be good .. but if he can keep up with Alfie and Spezz he’s a winner .. and Coglino will be the second line centerman for the speed line.
    So not a great deal .. but under the circumstances it’s ok .. for Edmonton .. not only they paid Penner the outrageous money but coughed up valuable picks for him . He’s always a reminder of the mistakes and foley of Kevin Low… quite bitter I would say ..

  2. I’ll do a blog on my thoughts on this deal…if it gets done!

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