Open Letter To Eugene Melnyk

Dear Mr. Melnyk,
I love the Ottawa Senators.
I hate Dany Heatley.
As a die hard fan, please know, you have my unwavering support in squashing Dany Heatley like the maggot he is.
I say screw Dany Heatley. No trade necessary, just a smile and a wink, and a welcome back to Ottawa, go fuck yourself. I’ll do my part to make his life a living hell, both on and off the ice.
Heatley wants to call the shots, and act like he’s the man? No Dany, we fans are the man, and you’re about to live your worst nightmare, until you skulk off to whatever hole Melnyk has the mercy to throw you’re begging and pleading slime covered mass  back into.


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