NYR Are OUT…sign Gabby instead.

NYR sign Gaborik to a 5 yr. / 7.5M per deal.

This puts them all but out of the Heatley discussions, barring some sort of bizarre development.

Is Dany ready to accept he’s not prime rib, rather, due to his own infantile behaviour, he’s now ground chuck, until he proves otherwise, ON THE ICE?

Dany, ef off already, and work on rebuilding your reputation, everybody is sick of watching you make a complete ass of yourself.



2 Responses to “NYR Are OUT…sign Gabby instead.”

  1. Master of Puppets Says:

    Heatley dollars for a guy likely to be on IR most of the time – they should be paying for each game he suits up for instead – 90K per game played. Sigh, it looks like Heater will be a Sen. Even Khabby’s signing won’t lure him to the Oil.

  2. It aint over…yet.

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