Nothing To Add.

Latest remains a Mexican stand-off, with all sides believing the other is going to back down first.

NY maintains their belief that Heatley has so poisoned the well in OTT that Melnyk will move him rather than pay him, and are hoping to rob the Sens blind.

EDM believes they can talk Heater into seeing the benefits in returning back out west, and sell him on the Oils belief in returning to their winning ways. And part with the bad mojo surrounding Penner in doing so.

OTT, honestly, are so fed up, they’re close to mailing Heater a check and a “butt buddy” to keep his ass warm while sitting on the bench. But, they’re still willing to make the deal with EDM, and are open to new offers, should they be better than what EDM is offering.

I maintain, ultimately, cooler heads will prevail, and prior to training Camp, something will get done.

But I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT, at all, that Big Mel will not cave in, and accept a lessor in favour of paying and retaining Heater.

If Heater thinks he’ll get traded to a team of his choice, at the expense of the Sens roster, he’s very sadly mistaken.

If the Rangers want Heatley they’d better get real, otherwise, he’ll go elsewhere.

I’ll stay on top of any thing that comes out, but honestly, from OTT, it’s a complete lock-down outside of the rumours of Melnyks fury.



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