NOTHING coming out of Ottawa, or EDM.

Stone cold.

From NYR, it has been stated they’re kicking around numbers with Havlat and Gabby.

LAK are surprising quiet, along with MIN and SJS.

Those teams will do something…but when?



7 Responses to “NOTHING coming out of Ottawa, or EDM.”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Sigh. If he does not move, then everyone loses.

    • Let’s hope Heatley sees this reality…so far, he seems to be thinking he’s bullet proof. It certainly does go along way in explaining his inability to comprehend having to actually earn his icetime.

  2. FarthestSenFromHome Says:

    I’m not sure I agree. If he won’t play for Ottawa next year – and it seems like he won’t report – then the team can suspend him and take both his salary and his cap hit off the books.

    Murray can then just move on, taking his sweet time until the right offer comes up.

    • Woozle man Says:

      Barring a trade, I wish this would be the case. But I think he will report, sulk, and then everyone loses. If he does not report for camp, his NHL career is over. His fitness is already suspect, his sharpness will diminish, and his reputation as a bad employee will be solidified. There will always be 2-3 UFAs around his level that are available each year, and the teams that can’t land those types of players, Heatley will refuse to play for.

      This just came to me, but it seems plausible: if he screws this up, his career will be in jeopardy.

      • Woozle man Says:

        Hopefully this also occurs to his ‘agents’. Aren’t agents supposed to help players make good decisions?

        • I’m hearing their is some striffe among the agents…Barry is not impresed, but McAlpine has been the one rubbing Heaters back, and cooing in his ear through all of this. McAlpine might well have his golden goose on the line here. Barry, he has other options, and doesn’t need this BS.

    • If he doesn’t report, he won’t play in the Olympics. I wouldn’t take that gamble.

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