Last Post Of The Night

02:00 a.m.

Here’s where things stand.

Apparently…OTT did not know the deadline was not 12:00 July 1st, but rather 12:00 July 2nd.  (If I knew 12:00 July 1st wasn’t the deadline, I doubt they didn’t)

Heatley had previously stated he WOULD accept a deal to EDM, and it was under this understanding that the deal was struck.  The key was Cogs, when he was included, the deal was agreed upon, and given to Heatley.

At the last minute (11:55), Heatley suspended a deal both the Sens, and EDM thought was done.  The reason?  He wants to play in NY…I can say it now, as it is being widely reported.

Heatley is still holding out for a deal to be worked out from NYR, and fortunately for OTT, EDM is still interested in completing the deal.

D. Millard claims Heatley has not been involved…but that is not what I’ve been told, point-blank.

At the end of the day, this may very well play into the Senators hands, albeit, not intentionally.

I do know, NYR will have to better the deal from EDM before Melnyk even considers it.  He’s PISSED!

Currently, the talk is, NYR are offering BOTH Callahan, & Dubinsky, AND DelZotto & possibly pick(s).  Seems pretty good to me!  If McDonagh is put into the deal instead of DelZotto, the deal would be done.

I’ll be back in the morning to blog through UFA day.

What a drama, lol!



4 Responses to “Last Post Of The Night”

  1. Interesting talk. If NYR are still in, it better be “better” than EDM’s offer.
    Although, if the “talk” is true, Both cally, and duby would be great.

    If I was Euge, I would be raving mad myself 🙂

  2. Woozle man Says:

    Callahan, & Dubinsky, AND DelZotto & possibly pick(s)?

    This would be a good deal. Dubinsky is a fair 2nd line player, as is Callahan. Del Zotto is a fine defense prospect. They’re on short affordable contracts, and any picks would be gravy. Plus we would then have the undisputed best set of defensive prospects around.

    I believe BM shouldn’t aim to take too many players back in this deal. With Neil and Comrie gone, I’d like to see at least one roster spot on the 3rd line (possible one on the 2nd line) left open for Zach Smith, Cody Bass or Ilya Zubov to win out of camp. They’ve all played for Clouston, they’re all hungry as hell to make it. Depending on how their summer conditioning goes, all three should be physically ready to play in the NHL.

    • Hey Woozle,
      It’s a decent offer, but both Callahan and Dooby struggled mightily on offense, though I appreciate their games, esp. Dooby.
      DelZotto pales in comparison to Smid however.
      All in all, when considering the long term viability of the two packages, EDM remains the consensus front runner, as both roster players from NYR are RFA’s.

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