Komi To TML

5 yr. / 4.5M per

Talk about a team of MeatHeads.  Sheesh, when does Hanson sign…oh wait.

Schenn, Exelby, Komi, Finger…uhm, Burke does know you win by scoring more goals, not making more hits, right?

What a joke of a team…fitting tho, another year of failure, but slathering fans tricked into looking the other way, lol.



2 Responses to “Komi To TML”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    What do you mean? Nik Hagman and Jason Blake will each score 50 goals, and Jiri Tlusty is the next coming of Jaromir Jagr!

    Seriously though, they’re boned. They don’t have any bona fide first line players, only a few marginal second line players. They better hope Toskala is healthy if Gustavsson doesn’t sign with them. Do they still have any money to sign someone who can score the goals?

  2. I can’t wait for the Burke Show. The fans will be screaming about all the “BS” penalties, Burke will shake his jowls and flail his arms…TheBigRedFace will rant and rave about bad officiating…oh God this is gonna be a hoot!

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