JP Barry In “Damage Control” Mode

Heatley is getting ripped, from all sides.

I don’t mean criticized, or even dumped on, I mean torn to shreds.

When the NHL is involved in a drama like this, you know the shit has hit the fan, big time.

Barry stated,

“Dany is going to sleep on it”

Also, Barry stated that Heatley did not say no to the Oilers deal, but he has not said yes either.

So, instead of negotiating actual contracts, for other players, Barry is having to change and powder Heatleys ass before putting him to bed.

So, Heatley is a villain in Ottawa, Atlanta, and now Edmonton?

Nice Heater, 3 down, 27 to go.

What a loser.



3 Responses to “JP Barry In “Damage Control” Mode”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Usually I would say “let’s wait to judge, it’s still too soon”. but honestly, the dude is a straight up mercenary. His contract along with this rejection has left BM with zero room to maneuver. One thought in the minds of GMs: what’s keeping Heatley from demanding a trade from wherever he ends up when that team inevitably make a coaching change (or the sky turns cloudy)?

    Hard to move? Yeah I’ll say. The only teams that want him he won’t play for.

    • Absolutely. What’s keeping Dany from taking a trade just to get to the Olympics, then once they’re over, demand a trade to a new list of “approved” teams.
      The guy’s scum.

  2. Billy V. Says:

    He also won’t commit to making a desicion when free agency starts at 12:00 tomorrow. God Damnit!

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