Here’s The Story

I’m going off the record here. I’m repeating something I was not to repeat.
There is another deal on the table, from an “approved” team.
Apparantly, the deal sucks…I mean, REALLY SUCKS, as in, it will cripple the Sens cap wise.
But Dany, not his agents, want to play in that city. ONLY THAT CITY.  At 11:55 p.m. Heatley flipped on the deal.  A deal his agents told Murray was going to be approved.
The word is, this is now personal.
This is not Murray vs. Heateys agent(s).
This is Melnyk vs. Heatley.
He’s not going anywhere unless it’s a deal MELNYK approves.
And now, Melnyk wants Heatley to rot in hell.


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