Heatley Re-considering His Trade Request?

According to DooDoo, posting on Twitter, a friend of Heatley sees a possibility of Heater returning to Ottawa rather than go to EDM.

Yeah, and in other news, Sens select a new mascot…a goat named Dany Heatley…Spezza says…Hells Yea!



6 Responses to “Heatley Re-considering His Trade Request?”

  1. Can’t believe the Heatley camp feels the Sens have put a “gun to Healtey’s head” as Dreger reported.

    Geesh. What an ego.

    THe NHL should take a hard long look at allowing NMC’s is players contracts, especially when the player initiates the trade request.


    • This is what happens when ultra competitors get into a room together. Nobody looks at their role in the creating of the situation, only on how they can “win”.
      Make no mistake, these are people who equate “losing” with death…litiraly, this has been well documented.
      These people are fighting for the “lives”, as absurd as that may look to the rest of the world.
      Hopefully, when all options appear exhausted, Heatley will admit this is of his own making. Or, NY either ponies up, or walks away. The best thing that could happen, to make for a quick resolution, would be for NY to make a deal for one of either Havlat or Gabby. This would exhibit that EDM does represent the only viable alternative to remaining in Ottawa.
      I do not believe he is welcome back into the fold in Ottawa. He may return, but he won’t be welcomed back, and will be made to wish he had taken a deal out…any deal.

  2. Woozle man Says:

    I don’t understand this guy. Does he want to be the next Bryan McCabe?

    • At least McCabe didn’t demand a trade, the team demanded he accept a trade. In comparison, the McCabe is vastly different, even from a legal perspective. Had MLSE sat McCabe out, as a tactic to force him to voluntarily breach his contract, it could have construed as “constructive breach of contract”. In Heatleys case, assuming the reason for his demanding a trade are not truly inreconcillable, he was the one who “constructively recinded” his contract, by creating an unteneable environment in which to employ him in the future.
      I’m not saying this will go to court, but should Heatley return, the sens would have a great deal of latitude in how they treated Heatley vis a vis his role, and even exposure, the the team in general.

  3. apparently a decision on Nieler is close. Niel who? šŸ™‚

    • He’ll go to Toronto to continue the game of Three Card Monty, in hopes of keeping the masses distracted from the reality of Burkes failure to improve the teams ability to actually win.

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