Heater Maintains He Feels No Pressure To Act.

Word from Heatley camp is that who makes the advance payment is irrelevant to them, getting Dany what he wants is the only thing that matters, and they will not accept any pressure to do anything but what is best for Heatley, no matter how long that may take.

This is EXACTLY what I relayed to you guys hours ago.

Heatley is trying to force OTT to send him to NY, who have made the Callahan/Roszival offer.

NY believes OTT will take the deal to avoid paying Heatley.

Heatley believes NY will sweeten the deal.

OTT believes Heatley is the biggest bag of shit on the earth, and would rather see him suffer in Ottawa, than be the only ones getting screwed.

This guy must be getting tired of digging…really, isn’t it six feet deep by now?



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