Good Morning All

I have an insiders take on what has gone down, and if it doesn’t all come out today, I’ll blog on it after FA moves settle down.

I will be blogging through-out the day, so feel free to write in, I love hockey too, and enjoy the discussion.



2 Responses to “Good Morning All”

  1. Chris Robinson Says:

    Do you think the Edmonton deal will still happen?

    Was this a Murray ploy to get the Rangers or another team to make a better pitch?

    Is Heatley just a douchebag?

    • Chris,
      Will the deal still happen with EDM? Honestly, I haven’t a clue. I do know, for certain, OTT has no problem with the deal they struck, in good faith, with EDM.
      As for was it a ploy…I’ve been told some very interesting information, that I believe to be true. I will not release it until Heater is moved, which I believe will happen today…based on nothing but my opinion.
      Is Heatley JUST a douchebag? No, he’s a douchebag+

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