From Heatley Camp To NYR.

“Dany Heatley will not be playing in OTT next season.  If OTT gets the deal they want isn’t Dany’s problem, but they will trade him, to the team Dany wants, whether they like the deal or not, and that’s all that matters to us”


8 Responses to “From Heatley Camp To NYR.”

  1. If I were Eugene Mylnek and Murray I’ll suspecnd him without pay..
    Ottawa doesn’t _have_ to trade him ..

    • Yeah, but neither are likely to command big salaries, and only one is Arb el.
      Smid is an RFA as well, but is not Arb el.

    • They can’t Sam, he hasn’t violated his contract. If they “suspended” him, he could declare UFA status.
      Sad but true.

  2. Woozle man Says:

    They’ll definitely have to pay him, and they can’t afford not to play him. He holds all the cards.

  3. I disagree that Heatley holds ALL the cards. The Senators still hold a valid long-term contract on this guy. They may not want to retain him at all (why would they with these antics) but as part of a negotiating strategy, “see you at training camp” is certainly an option (see also Yashin, Alexei)

    • FarthestSenFromHome Says:

      Agree with Howard,

      If Murray doesn’t get what he needs from a team Heatley will accept a trade to, just shut down the speculation and inform him that he will be expected at camp.

      When he doesn’t report – and he won’t – suspend him. He won’t be paid the rest of his salary and his cap hit won’t count, until such time as Murray gets a trade he likes.

      • What if he does report…then what? No, somethinghas to be done and Heater has to come to terms that he isn’t the be all and end all of the NHL.

    • Yes and no. Both teams have a lot to lose in this, and thus far, it’s been a mutually assured destruction scenario.

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