Faaaarrrghhhenhlll…Neil Signs In OTT

4 yr. / 8M.

Ok, time to mend fences.

Hey Neiler, pheww, thought you were gone for sure.  Man, wow, don’t scare me like that.

Seriously, as much as a absolutely think his salary is WAYYYY too high, it is within reach, based upon Walkers deal.

As my wife says, if nothing else, it does show that players aren’t trying to jump ship, a la Heatley.

Chris, honestly, good for you, you are a great guy, and I’m happy for you.  But, please, beat the hell out of whoever goes near Alfie, and I’ll publicly eat my words.



2 Responses to “Faaaarrrghhhenhlll…Neil Signs In OTT”

  1. Don’t understand this sign ing for this much money ..
    why not give the hungry youngesters a chance ..

    I think now Heatley only chance to go to edmonton ..

  2. Hey Sam,
    I like Neiler, but he’s not worth over 1.5M, max. But it’s water under the bridge, and with Toronto gooning up, his role is all the more important, and having him plus Bass is a good thing over-all…but again, I don’t like the salary.
    BUT, this isn’t personal, I don’t begrudge him his salary, he has worked hard to earn it, even if it is a tad high, IMO.

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