EDM Or OTT…Pick Your Poison

‘Cause, according to Mac, this is it Heatley.

If nothing else, this has got to be one hell of a humbling experience.
Imagine, the most prolific scorer in the recent history of the NHL, and the only team stooping to pick you up from the gutter, are only willing to do so if you’ll first lick the crap off the bottom of their shoes…

We’ll Dany, how ya feelin’ now, Mr. Big Shot?

Dany Heatley, AKA, A Cautionary Tale.


Neil (whoever the EF that is) is generating a bidding war, while Heatley gets passed over like a moldy tuna sandwich…and you have nobody to blame but yourself…hilarious…absolutely efn hilarious.


2 Responses to “EDM Or OTT…Pick Your Poison”

  1. Billy V. Says:

    Apparently the Oilers are pushing Heatley to waive his clause.

  2. Woozle man Says:


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