still in play.

Let’s hope he’s waiting for OTT to enter the negotiations with a clean hands, or better yet, has an acceptable deal from OTT in his pocket.

BUT, that is just me being optimistic, I have nothing to back that up, whatsoever.



9 Responses to “Cammi…”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    he’ll be gone after Havlat but before Gaborik I feel. Probably before heatley, and he may just sign in TO :/

    • Time will tell. But, think about it this way, would you rather be fed pucks by Pokahonsky or Spezza?
      All other things being equal, seems an easy decision to me.

  2. Even if Cammy signs in TO, it’s not that bad. I just hope we get him because it makes the deal work out for both teams since we’ll have a 1st line scorer anyway.

    Havlat and Gabby are likely looking for a kings ransom and they’re injury prone to boot. Teams might want to think twice before giving them mega contracts and could give Murray another call.

  3. Woozle man Says:

    I don’t know; with Hossa signed for ~5m/yr long term, Heatley looks expensive and burdensome given his NMC. He’s a bigger gamble than Havlat, but a smaller gamble than Gaborik.

    • Yes and No. Heatley is more offensively gifted than Hossa, although a less all around player. Also, when you add up the salary commitment, Heatley is actually less than Hossa, especially when you factor in he has already been paid 10M of his deal.
      12 yrs. is a sickeningly long contract, for any player. That term is functionally a NMC clause in itself.

      • Woozle man Says:

        True enough, but that deal has “buy out” written all over it, so I would treat that 12 year deal as closer to 8 years.

        However, Havlat is coming off a great year and looks like a model employee after suffering what Heatley would consider a humiliating demotion to 3rd line duty for much of the year. If I’m a GM, I go after Havlat before making a pitch for Gaborik or Heatley.

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