Personally, I was content with the deal for Heatley.

I wasn’t necessarily happy with it, only because it lacked a player that clearly resolved either of the Sens current strategic issues; A PMD, or a bona fide Top 6 Forward.  But, both Penner and Cogs had the potential to meet the T6F requirement, and Smid struggled under McT, and many believe has failed to flourish as a result.  Smid holds a great deal of promise, and at 23, has time to yet show it.

The “rumoured” NYR’s deal isn’t much better, unless it included Mcdonagh, at which point it would supersede the EDM deal, IMO.  Neither Dooby nor Cally are T6F at this point, so, apart from salary differences, the EDM deal remains the better of the two…IMO.

If NYR included McDonagh, and a 1st in 2010, or another decent prospect, I have little doubt the deal would be done.

But, here’s the rub.  Heatley WANTS to go to NY.  Giving Heatley what he wants, even if it comes with an improved package to that offered by EDM, leaves a bad taste in Big Mels mouth.  This is why Heatley has screwed himself too, because Mel is a bit of a wild card when he gets his back up.  And Heatley has made this personal, and it may well cost the NYR’s more to compensate, or result in Heater choosing between the lessor of two evils.

At the end of the day, for all the huff and puff of Heatley, he has no desire to remain in Ottawa.  In fact, he may very well have gone too far, to HIS own demise.



2 Responses to “Also…”

  1. This is a bargain for Edmonton .. but they are getting a guy with obvious issues .. He can score big time .. and is very plesant .. but he has moments ..
    I think Brian Murray wants to get rid of him and his attitude .. I don’t think he appreciates the agravation.. “We want _good_ people here”

    • Sam,
      I disagree this is a bargain, for 3 reasons;
      1. Heatleys deal, although not terrible, is a lot, and will only appear bigger, as the cap goes down. For a one dimentional player, 7.5 of cap space is a hefty price tag. Yes, he can score, but he’s always done it with good players around him. Apart from Hemsky, there’s nothing on EDM to make one believe Heater will have the supporting cast he’s had in the past.
      2. Coglianno – This kid is money. He isn’t an elite player, in any one area, but he is a great package player. Make no mistake, he is a big piece in the making of a winning team.
      3. Smid – He’s the wild card. In his time in EDM, Smid has struggled with confidence. The fact remains, he is a highly talented player, who, at 23, may well be a “fresh start” away from kick starting his development.
      I’m not saying this is any sort of steal by Murray, but it certainly is no bargain for Edmonton, in my opinion that is.

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