Who’s Gonna Flinch?

‘Cause that’s the situation.

It would appear LAK have put economics ahead of winning (again), and would prefer to wait until the salary advance has been paid, before attempting to land Heatley.  All indications are they will re-enter the sweepstakes once July 1st rolls around.

NYR have both the budget, and the hubris, to spend big on Heatley, but lack the asset depth to put together a real solid package.  If Murray is going to blink, it will be a deal with NYR, for picks and prospects, but no NHL ready players.  All indications are he’s holding out for Staal, and one of either Dubinsky or Callahan.

Of the remaining teams rumoured to be involve (SJ, MIN, CGY, EDM,. VAN), only one has the cap space to make a move, Vancouver, and depending on how their GM does on his European foray, they may re-enter the race prior to July 1st in hopes of locking up some offense with the impending departure of the Seduds Sedins.  Vancouver, if it wants to maintain its competitive standing, must land some offense should the Sedins move on.  I doubt they’ll pass up a chance to land Heatley, if they want him, just to avoid the 4M due July 1st.

The rest are all likely to wait until July 1st, in hopes that they can address their needs via free agency, and failing that, compete for a cheaper Dany Heatley, against fewer clubs.

Murray, to this point, has been unwavering in his insistence on the type of package he must receive in return for Heatley.  Some teams may think he’ll flinch, but, I believe, if he does, it will be on the eve of July 1st, and only once.  The likelihood of a “bargain” being offered around is low, as it will probably be one which requires the acquiring team to assume Heatleys contract, but not ship out any salary in return, thus allowing Murray a free hand going into FA.

Time will tell.



5 Responses to “Who’s Gonna Flinch?”

  1. I saw Eric Staal at lunch today (totally random) and wanted to ask about the Heatley for Mark Staal rumour, but thought it was inappropriate. I think the last thing most of these guys want to think about in the summer is trades etc. It’s sometimes hard to remember that these are real people with real lives.

    • Yeah, it’s a 24/7 thing no doubt. Next time, ask him, what’s the worst thing that could happen…he’d hate you…lol! I dunno about you, but being rich makes up for a lot of annoying questions, no?

  2. Re. the being rich thing, I wouldn’t know Gerald. LOL.

    It must be nice for these folks to go out in public and be treated like human beings now and again though I would think.

    • Agreed, no doubt, that was the classy thing to do. I usually jump around screaming the players name like a little girl on Christmas morning, lol!

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