Salary Cap Impact (If…SN Says It’s DONE)

Heatley – 7.5M/yr x 5 yrs. (UFA)

Penner – 4.25M/yr x 3 yrs. (UFA)
Coglianno – 1.134M/yr x1 (RFA, non Arb el.)
Smid – @1.1M (Qual, RFA, non Arb. el.)

Net = Sens gain 1M in cap space, if Smid signs.


2 Responses to “Salary Cap Impact (If…SN Says It’s DONE)”

  1. I know a deal had to be done and all but… kinda sad we got two guys that invariably have the “takes the occasional night off” or “questionable work ethic” flavors in their scouting reports. Was hoping we wouldn’t let any more of those in the system.

  2. I don’t see how this is a good deal for the sens to be honest ..
    I looked at Penner’s stats they’re not good and his contract is aweful .. Cogliano is a smallish forward. Smid is a decent but not outstanding defencement. Murray must have been under strict orders not to pay the 4 million due tomorrow .. Also there may be other draft picks I hope coming the sens way .. So you’ve traded a top player for spare parts essentially ..

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