On A Brighter Note.

Apparently, Chris Neil has been drinking from the same jug as Heatley.

Reports from TSN indicate Neil has refused the latest, and considering the hour, one might consider, the final offer from the Senators to remain in Ottawa.

It is being reported that, after coming off of a career worst season, Neil felt a near 60% raise was simply not sufficient for his particular skill set.

Unlike Heatley however, Neil represents a less than irreplaceable talent, and if he feels he, like Heatley, is worth more to his net income, then his teams success, so be it.

Good-bye Chris, been a slice…Uhhm, who are we talking about again, I’ve forgotten already.



2 Responses to “On A Brighter Note.”

  1. Chris Robinson Says:

    Thank the good lord.
    I’ll be so happy to see that half-retard mug and those dumb penalties long gone.

    The people who predicted Neil would be a power forward were the same dips that said that once upon a time about Turner Stevenson.

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