From TSN

They’re claiming the deal is done pending Heatley approval.

Penner, Smid, and Cogs for Heater.




5 Responses to “From TSN”

  1. Disappointed. I’d have liked to see MSP in Ottawa, though it may have been overly optimistic to expect so. Still, I’m sure Murray can do better than an overpaid 3rd-liner, a hit-or-miss prospect and an average defenceman. I guess we can’t judge too harshly since we don’t know how it’ll affect the team, but this is my immediate reaction.

    • I think what needs to be remembered in all of this is that, as has been repeatedly stated by Murray et al, the Sens were not going to get a 50 goal scorer in return.
      That being said, Cogliano is a very good young player, with a solid following in EDM. His departure will be greatly mourned. Does that mean he is a big improvement to Ottawa…I really don’t know.

      • True, but I guess I would’ve liked to see more ‘sure thing’ and less ‘well he might pan out’.

        I guess time will tell if Cogs+Penner+Smid will be decent with Ottawa. I’d have gladly taken Eberle off their hands, though…or MSP, as stated above.

        • I’d happily take Cogs over MSP. I like MSP, but he’s a ways from making the NHL…if he ever does.

          • I agree. Cogs can help out now.

            The sens did get a lot bigger all of a sudden with Penner and Smid if the deal goes through, i.e. Heater waives.

            Eklund is reporting he has. lol

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