First “Info” Re: EDM

O.k., so here is what was relayed to me;

Edmonton really does want Heater…a lot.

The price from Murray remains high.

Penner is on the table on the EDM side, but MSP is the price for moving his contract.  Apparently Gilbert is the defenseman in the mix (Update: Although Mckenzie says Smid, which Cap wise, makes more sense to me…)

Basically, the desired package is;

Penner, Gilbert and MSP


Heater, before the 09/10 salary kicks in.

But, as this is breaking, opposing teams are stepping in with their offers, Murray may finally be getting his “bidding war” under way.



4 Responses to “First “Info” Re: EDM”

  1. I think MSP makes this deal happen if it happens at all. With Rangers, Marc Stall would have to be included I would think.

    THis could be interesting, since CGY has JB signed now too. Phaneuf?

  2. Looks like Cogliano, Smid, and Penner, according to TSN.

    Deal is waiting Heatley’s camps approval.

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