All Dressed Up…

With nowhere to go, again?

‘Cause that must be how Heater felt at the draft.  With news circulating of an impending deal with LA, and interest from numerous teams, Heatley instead found himself facing the prospect of suiting up in the black red and gold once again.

The public face on the failure to move Heatley was one of insufficient offers, and offers lacking in any semblance of perceived fair value.

With the approach of free agency, and the looming $4M dollar advance on Heatleys 09/10 salary starring him in the face, Murray is once again fielding calls for Heatleys services.

Oh where have I heard that before?

According to Garrioch, Murray is faced with a number of suitors, as many as 4, and, in the opinion of the Sun journalist, a deal may be immanent.

Are the offers any more appealing than those presented at the draft?   Nobody is saying.

Is Murray prepared to accept less then the previously stated player, prospect and pick?  Again, nobody is saying.

The fact remains that Heatley, salary advance and all, represents one of a very few available players with the ability to deliver offense on a consistent basis.  Supply and demand dictates there will be interest.  But desperation, real or perceived, generated by the public demands of Heatley, may take time to mitigate, the law of supply and demand notwithstanding.

One has to wonder what the story line would be had Heatley not sullied his formerly solid reputation with such futile acts of narcissism.

Has it really reduced his value?  Or will it just take time to prove it hasn’t?

Some say perception is reality, and right now, the reality is, Dany Heatley remains an Ottawa Senator, like it or not.



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