A Mile Wide, A mm Thick?

That seems to be the depth of Heatleys argument for wanting to leave.

In a recent letter to the media, and reported on by Wayne Scanlan in today’s Citizen, it would appear that, yes, Heatley is doing all of this for one simple reason, he believes he’s bigger than the team.

He believes he should be a top minute player, because he is.

He believes he is a premier PP guy, because he is.

He believes he’s a natural born leader, because he is.

Why didn’t he display these attributes when challenged to do so?

Because he was ASKED to do so.  How insulting.

Dany only does it, when it is a GIVEN that he is the top dog.


In recent off the cuff remarks, Heatley indicated dissatisfaction with his status on the team, feeling behind Alfredsson and Fisher, and Phillips on the “go to” pecking order.

But then, this “leader” has his agents publicly demand a trade, while he hides out, unwilling to so much as say a single word in his defense. Isn’t this the antithesis of leadership? Dany, stop listening to the sycophants around you, YOURE WEARING NO CLOTHES!

Dany, look at the teams that WIN.  They have skilled players, that play as a team.  This “I’m #1 too” attitude is total BS.  IF you are as good as you think you are, then nothing can interfere with your ascension to the top.  What’s wrong with earning your reputation?  Sure, it may be harder than ruining it, but the rewards must be worth it, right?

IF this letter is truly representative of your position (and if it isn’t, man, did somebody ever stick their neck out) then you need to check yourself, big time.  You are ruining the very thing you claim to be steeped in, character.

Honestly, and this will seem entirely off the wall (because it is), I believe it would be in the best interest of both the Senators, and Heatley, if they were to resolve this, and move on together.  The Sens will be a better team with a motivated, and energized Dany Heatley, and Heatley will be better off with a team supporting him in his development as a player, not one who take him grudgingly, out of desperation, but with one eye toward impending issues.

Dany, no matter how this all plays out, and even if there are major issues behind the scenes we are wholly unaware of, you need to realign your thinking, because, rightly or wrongly, this is making you look awful.  IF the reports are true, and this is about ice time and role, you need to take a huge step back, because right now you’re hanging ten over that fine line that separates hockey heroes, from hockey zeros.



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