This Just In.

Heatley and 2010 1st for Phaneuf, Jokinen & rights to Cammalleri?  That’s the latest, should JBo sign prior to the singning deadline.  If it happens post July 1st, Heatley, for Phaneuf & Jokinen straight up.

Take it as entertainment, ’cause that’s all it’s worth.



10 Responses to “This Just In.”

  1. Taking it as entertainment :), I think that would do it for me. LOL
    However, make the 2010 1st conditonal upon Cammalleri signing.

  2. Chris Robinson Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Stop… this made me laugh so hard I hurt myself, and others.

  3. Chris Robinson Says:

    I blame Heatley. I take no responsibility for my laughter assaults.

    • I blame Heater for everything;
      Stub your toe…blame heater
      Cheat on your wife…blame heater
      Vote NDP…we’ll there’s no excuse for that, lol (just kidding…before the hate mail starts a flowin’)

  4. sensfan420 Says:

    Phaneuf and jokin??? That would be sweet but we have to be realistic here

    • Just the talk. CGY is looking to upgrade both contracts, assuming JBo signs of course, Heater would be the next step “up”. I don’t see Murray being too interested in either player frankly.

  5. Gongshow Says:

    If it’s before July 1 the Sens give up their first in 2010 for Cammallari’s rights?

    Seriously? No offense, but you need new sources.

    • Apparently the thinking is it’s to compensate for the 4M and Cammy, who the Sens would try to sign, and then trade Joks…presumably.
      What are your sources saying?

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