To Jared Cowen.

First off, welcome to the Senators family.

Secondly, I apologise for my previous post in which I questioned your knee.

Apparently, it’s a non issue, you’ve reportedly been thoroughly vetted by Dr. Chow, and have been working tirelessly to rehab the knee back into peak condition.

Jared, here’s what will be expected of you.

100% commitment to winning.

100% drive/desire to doing what it takes to win.

100% commitment to the organization, your teammates, and the community.

You have an opportunity to play in a city that will treat you like royalty in return for your efforts.  Yes, the media will watch your every move, and yes, mistakes will be pointed out, but honestly, don’t let it bother you, the fans are a great move away from forgiving all.

Think of us like a family.  We may complain and fight, but to a man we want nothing more than for you to succeed.  We have your back, as much as we may complain behind closed doors.  Don’t take anything personally…because it isn’t, how could it be, we don’t know you.  Acknowledge the criticism (we’re Canadian, we love contrition), tell us how much you want to win, and, if applicable, learn from it.

Please do yourself a favour, and look to Alfredsson as an example of how to handle the media, perform on the ice, and interact with the community.  He too had his struggles, but has reached a status all but beyond reproach.  You can too, but it won’t happen over-night, and without some bumps along the way.

We want you to succeed, in your darkest moments, never forget that.  We are your biggest supporters, even when it appears otherwise.  We, more than anything, live vicariously through you, and desire victory above all else.  Don’t forget that, when you see a teammate get pushed around, or cheapshotted, you aren’t just defending them, you’re defending us too.  Right or wrong, we fans take what happens personally, but unlike you, we can’t do anything about it.  Represent us with effort and dedication,, and you will cut yourself some slack.  Do the opposite at your peril.

We are Senator fans, and so long as you are a Sen, we have your back, if you have ours.

Good luck Jared, I look forward to watching you, in your Sens sweater, hoisting the Cup.

You will hoist that Cup, and put your name into the lore of Senator history.

Go get it kid!



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