Where To Go From Here?

I really resent Heatley’s throwing this team, and its image, under the bus.

The fact he has done everything he can to leave a smoking hole in his wake, leaves me hoping he gets what’s coming to him, whatever Karma decides that may be.   I can tell you this, he’s entirely lost my sympathy, in every regard.

But, it’s time to move on.  Good, bad or ugly, it’s water under the bridge, and living with the reality of the situation is what must be done in order to move past this absurd situation.

So, where to go from here?

Well, there are three likely scenarios (at this point, anything is possible however);

1. Heatley gets moved prior to free agency.

As we approach free agency, some players in Heatleys category may sign, thus reducing an already limited field of options.  One would have to think, should this even happen, this will increase Heatleys value.

2. Heatley gets moved post free agency, and thus, post his 4M advance on his 8M salary due this season.

The fact remains, the paying of Heatleys 4M advance only helps to increase his value, and the silver lining, if there is one, is that Ottawa can reclaim some of this 4M by the mere fact it doesn’t count against the cap, should he be moved.  From a purely financial standpoint, it is a lot of money.  From a “taste in your mouth” perspective, it is downright bitter.  But again, you can’t dwell on it, or it will only continue to hamper your ability to move forward.  Hate the guy, sure, but don’t let it get in the way of making prudent decisions.

By saving this 4M in cap space, and the acquiring team saving the 4M in cash, it opens the door to seriously improving the return on Heatley by making an asset or two equalling this 4M available to the team in terms of fitting into the cap.  Or, alternatively, free up this 4M in pursuit of UFA talent.

Undoubtedly, this is what most teams would prefer, to avoid paying this advance, and the current thinking is that they may well make the type of deal Murray is seeking once this payment is made, or alternatively, are offering less prior to this advance being paid.

The reality is, by going public, Heatley has created this situation, solely in order to serve his own selfish, and outrageously narcissistic needs.

Without a doubt, Heatley has shown he is a very profoundly flawed individual.  Which is in and of itself, doing nothing to help his trade value.

Basically, if Heatley were a house for sale, he would be infested with roaches, mold, and built on a major fault line, but just happens to be located on one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

3. Heatley remains on the roster, due to his having completely eroded his trade value as a result of his own voluntary actions.

I just can’t see how this could work to the benefit of the Sens.  Heatley, even if he was a perfect teammate, citizen, and player, would be hounded incessantly, and provide endless fodder to the media, and distraction to his team in moving forward with both dealing with his selfish trade demand, and instituting Cloustons re-tooling plan.

The one wild card in all of this is the fact that Heatley, presumably, has his heart set on playing in the Olympics.  Should he choose to sit out, it is quite possible his inclusion to team Canada would be contested to the IIHF, or, should he select to play “under protest”, and not perform as a solid teammate, and skilled player, he may well erode his chance to play on Team Canada, who would no doubt prefer to avoid the drama associated with such behaviour.

This “Olympic” card however, would expire with the final ceremonies in Vancouver, and suddenly Ottawa would find itself back in the trenches, with nothing to hold over a petulant Dany Heatley.  Sure, the trade deadline would be fast approaching, but the likelihood of gaining solid players, from a team hoping to make a Stanley Cup drive, in return for a player with a burdensome long term contract is unlikely, at best.

No, one has to believe either the trade happens before training camp, or Heatley and the Sens will have to make up and immediately initiate an intense “truth and reconciliation” campaign.

Time will tell.



4 Responses to “Where To Go From Here?”

  1. I just think .. if heatley stays .. the first game he scores to break a tie in the thrid period he’ll be forgiven ..

    I don’t think Murray should be in a hurry .. He should wait and get the best return similar to what anaheim got for Pronger .. I am with Murray for not submitting to the lowball offers .. There are lots of opportunities.. Trading deadline .. one of the contender big guns get’s injured ….

    • You’re right Sam, Murray should hold out for the best possible offer, and it would appear that it will come post July 1st. How Melnyk feels about that, or if he’s willing to accept that is another thing.
      As for the trade deadline, I simply do not see how that could work in the Sens favour, as it will not include impact roster players as they will be needed for any team making a Cup run. Typically the packages are for prospects and picks, which are nice for an expiring contract/impending UFA, but a terrible return for a player signed to a long term contract.
      No, IMO, it has to happen pre-training camp.
      Even if a “Big Gun” get’s injured, once the season is underway, teams simply cannot afford to absorb 7.5M in salary, unlike during the off season where they have time to plan around the salary.
      If it doesn’t happen before camp, and he remains into the season, goals or no goals, it will not be forgotten by the media or fans alike unless acompanied by a clear message that he has changed his mind, and wants to stay. I don’t see that happening, but, who’s to say, apart from the guy saying nothing but “trade me”?

  2. Look I agree with you .. it’s just that when you’re offered garbage for a top line 50 goal scorer , the manager has to be patient and explore other avenues..

    • Yeah, I was being rather pessimistic, but to be honest, all public statements from Murray are VERY guarded, to the point of coming off like a “lower the expectations” campaign.
      I too feel Murray needs to hold out for the best deal, and if it means keeping him until camp, so be it. Hell, if it means creating a mess in the room for a year, so be it. I’d sooner that than throw the team under the bus for 3-5 yrs by making a bad trade.
      My gut tells me though, it will either happen before FA, for a very prospect heavy package, allowing the team to sign a UFA (dear Hockey God be Hossa), or after all UFA competition is signed, and the trade happens with the team(s) left with nothing, and facing the reality that Heatley is the only one left, and he’s only 4M in salary this year. THEN, the price will be high.
      I think Murray tried to get the best deal ahead of FA, but other teams didn’t bite, prefering to take their chances in signing a UFA, or THEN paying the hefty price, but not the full salary. I can’t blame them, that’s what I’d do too.

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