Salary Cap Update.

Cap will remain at or near it’s present level.
LAK just barely over the floor now, at 42.607M, with 20 players signed. 20 players for that amount…amazing! Truly shows they lack experienced elite talent to lead this group forward.


2 Responses to “Salary Cap Update.”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Maybe they could use an elite left winger? We happen to have one that would like to play out West.

    BM might even be able to make a deal happen if not for Eugene “Not going to honour Heatley’s contract” Melnyk vowing in public not to pay Heatley’s contract. How did this guy ever make a buck in business? Now any deal that BM tries to make is under additional pressure to be done before July 1st. If Melnyk doesn’t pay, and gets sued by Heatley (as he should, it’s a clear breach of contract), what team is going to trade for him? Furthermore, how would he ever play for the Senators again?

    God, this is too much.

  2. Strickland reported this comment by Big Mel 3rd+ hand…hardly bankable.

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