OK, I found all the pieces to the remote…

and the fishing around under the couch did more than turn up long lost dog toys, it also helped calm me down a bit.

I wanted MSP.

I still wish we had selected him.

Not because Cowen isn’t an incredibly skilled Dman, and a freakin’ massive physical specimen, but because, IMO, Ottawa is entirely bereft in offensive forwards.

Cowen, should his knee actually hold out (please hockey God, please) will contribute to this team in a critical way, think L. Schenn, but bigger.  He is a tremendous replacement for the Big Rig as he ages out.  Cowen was projected as high as #3 prior to his shredding of his knee, so obviously this kid has skills, but are they skills this team needs most?  And if not, isn’t that the purpose of the Draft?

I guess Murray was serious when he said they were going to take the best player available.

But Bryan, what about our offense?

No insult to our current crop of forward prospects, but another “character” guy is not going to fill Heaters shoes, not to mention provide the ever missing secondary scoring.  As it stands Foligno is our top offensive prospect, and frankly, that’s a serious problem.

It’s a long ways out, but to my thinking MSP was the guy.



4 Responses to “OK, I found all the pieces to the remote…”

  1. I don’t think it was a bad pick. Kadri at 9th is what I was expecting, but I never thought Cowen would drop that low. He likely would have gone 3rd-4th and is essentially the next best thing to Hedman.

    This trade sets us up to deal Heatley for 1 good forward, a good forward prospect and another piece. We won’t have to worry about Defense anymore.

    • You know what Alex, that’s a hell of a good point. I guess I was just so blown away at MSP being available that I become focused on that.
      The fact remains, Heater will have to draw a legit top 6 and legit offensive prospect, or Ottawa is in trouble.
      I’m not any sort of Murray basher, but the fact remains, offensively speaking, this team is in a very sad state.
      But again, your point is well taken, and on the mark.

  2. If Burke really wanted Kadri .. why would he try to negotiate with Murray ..
    He knew Kadri was Ottawa’s man and tried to get something for nothing ..
    and that’s sad .. because neither manager took their first choice ..

    • Sam, who knows, maybe he did want Kadri and just threw it out there in hopes of stealing a 2nd rnd pick from Murray. Frankly, with both Cowen and MSP still off the board, Murray had plenty of options other than Kadri (who I don’t much care for myself). Honestly, for a team picking 9th, with their arch rival ahead of them, they were suspiciously open about their desire to draft Kadri…me thinks Burke may have been duped.

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