Murray Still Believes

6:35 p.m.
Murray, in speaking with D. Dreger, indicated talks have not gone away regarding Heater, and that 3 or more teams remain interested, albeit, not willing to offer what Murray insists is “fair value” (top 6 F, top prospect, 1st rd. pick).
A lot of chatter still revolves around the Frolov vs. Brown, and maybe, as indicated earlier, this remains a stare down going into LA making the 5th pick…whose gonna blink?
At the end of the day, Heater is tradeable, but if LA burns Murray, he isn’t going to them, even if the eventual deal isn’t the stated “minimum”. Murray wants LA to think that if they make the #5 pick, they’re out of the Heatley picture for good.
LA wants Murray thinking he’s going to make his boss cut a check for 4M, to watch the recipient score goals elsewhere.
High stakes boys…high stakes!
Maybe hoping for that #5 is proving to much to ask.


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