Just off the top of my head…

The Oilers have expressed interest in Heatley, but have lacked the assets to get it done, we’ll, by selecting MSP, they may have just added one of the pieces.

Ok, I’ve already admitted to being high on MSP, but honestly, why not?


Heatley, Schubert


Penner, O’Sullivan, MSP, 40th pick

Penner is a potential dog contract, and in this regard EDM is making a huge improvement with Heater, but O’Sullivan has nice potential, as does MSP.  Schubert is a throw away, and EDM’s 40th is a decent pick, especially considering what was left on the table after the 1st round.

It pales in comparison to what was being rumoured pre-draft, but I’m feeling a little like the options are less than stellar at this point.



4 Responses to “Just off the top of my head…”

  1. milkshake_greg Says:

    even without throwing in Schubert that is really not even that appealing to the Sens

    • Throwing in Schubert makes it more apealing than not throwing in Schubert.
      But I agree, it isn’t a great deal, but my expectations are quickly diminishing.

      • milkshake_greg Says:

        It is just not a priority. If the Sens get a good offer for Heatley, than fine. Otherwise forget about it and he can play for the Sens next year. It is ridiculous to compromise the teams prospects because Heatley wants a trade. Too damn bad … you signed the deal, now play.

        • Greg,
          On a purely emotional level, I agree completely. On a practical level…it just doesn’t make sense. He will be a distraction, even if he says all the right things, and does all the right things. You simply cannot put the genie back into the bottle. Should anything but perfection occur (which, let’s face it, is inevitable in the best of circumstances) Heatley will be swarmed, chastised, piloried and scapegoated, rightly or wrongly.
          He’s got to go, and he will. The only question is, for what return?

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