Biggest Sleeper…(that might be a 2nd rd steal)

3:28 p.m. – And all is quiet…maybe a little too quiet.

So, who is going to be the biggest sleeper pick in the draft?  My guess?  Dylan Olsen.  He’s big, tough, can play solid D, and has an offensive flair.   He’s basically the poor mans Hedman.  He’s not NHL ready, which will keep him out of the top 20 but this player will make some teams nervous about what to do if selecting post #20.  With any luck, he’ll still be off the board when the Sens pick at #39, but not likely.

Another player to watch out for is Jeremy Morin.   He’s a sniper extraordinaire, with comparisons to Heatley, Hull and Robitaille.  Like Olsen, he could go anywhere from #20 to #40.

Lastly is “a while” card prospect out of Russia…or, as the worry goes, not out of Russia.  Dmitri Orlov.  A rugged workhorse of a Dman well suited to the NA game.  He would be a gamble, but, with 2 2nd round picks, the Sens just might take a swing for the fences, especially if they nab 2 1st round selections.

Ooooh the anticipation!



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