Frolov v. Brown & Other News (Rumour!)

The talk on this is undeniable, LA is the team leading the rush for Heatley, but Murray is not happy with the package.  The offered deal  is Frolov, the #5, and a solid defensive porspect (not JJ) but, as I reported earlier, Brown is the player BM wants, and is being offered dangled, the problem is now around who goes with him, to even out the money, and compensate for Brown vs. Frolov.  Some are saying Preissing and JJ,  some are suggesting it’s Handzus and Preissing…but that seems absurd, to me, as OTT would actually be taking back salary, albeit, gaining a decent, if not over-compensated, #2 C.

Toronto is now solely focused on COL and ATL.  They’ve all but given up on NY ad TB, as they do not have a competitive package to offer in return.  The belief is, with the third or 4th, Burke would be satisfied, and might be able to swing a move into #2.  All indications are that #1 is NOT available without a bona fide franchise player, with term, in return…think Iginla, Crosby or OV…not gonna happen…unless, you consider Kovalchuk…yup, talk is, he’s being packaged to NYI, for the 1st, ATL’s 3rd going to TO for Kaberle and the 7th.  THAT would be HUGE!  Honestly…it’s got merit.

Montreal – Vinnie, barring a last minute, back stabbing, reversal, is a Hab.  The deal, in insider words is “done like dinner”.  In fact, it was suggested this deal was done a long time ago, and this was the root of the discourse in TB, that Lawton Barie was trying to change or back out of the deal.

SJ and MIN are twisting in the wind, and might hook-up to make something happen, for the sake of making something happen.  Both of these team must do something to appease the fan base.

This stuff is all rumour, but from SOLID/CONNECTED source(s).



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