Clouston Has His Say

In a recent article in the Ottawa Sun, Clouston finally made his feelings on the Heatley situation, and his part in it, public.

Now, I’m not thinking he was about to spill all the goods, as negotiations for his trade are still on going, but, these two statements, viewed together, pretty much sums it up for me, and honestly leaves me scratching my head as to how this entire situation came to be.  For Heaters sake, I sure hope there’s a lot more to this story, because if not, he must be one shallow person.

“Nothing different (was asked) than from the rest of the team. You want to see consistency in effort, consistency in practice and to play a team game,” said Clouston. “All you have to do is look at the Stanley Cup final to see what can be accomplished when you play as a team.

“When Dany is moving his feet and playing his game, he’s one of the best players in the NHL.”

Work hard, and be one of the best…doesn’t seem like a problem to me, seems like one hell of an opportunity.

But maybe that’s just a guy who will never have a 1/4 of the money/fame/opportunity that Heatley has speaking.

What a shame, a damn shame.



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