The Medium Is The Message?

With the Heatley trade drama (fiasco) playing itself in the court of public statements, one has to wonder why so much of this is public knowledge.

Heatley (or so it is presumed) went to the media to demand a trade.  Why?

Burke, and others, have used the media to denigrate, or chastise Heatley.

Murray himself has spoken frankly with the media about negotiations, and strategic positions vis a vis the trading of Dany Heatley.

This, from a hockey fans perspective, is entertaining, if nothing else.  But what is the message here?  Have GM’s lost control of their teams?  By so blatantly, and voluntarily using the media to promote their agendas, or broadcast their thoughts, have they tacitly involved the fans in the decision making process?

The more fans know, the more they “armchair” GM.

The more GM’s discuss things publicly, the more involved fans become.

The more involved fans become, the harder it is for GM’s to make decisions based upon fact vs spin.

If the medium is the message, the message appears to be, GM’s, and hockey in general, is losing control.



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