Draft (Jive?)Talkin’…

After a discussion with an NHL Scout, here’s what was said;

1. Burke is heavily targeting 2 teams – L.A. & ATL.  He is offering Kubina in return for their #1 picks.  So far a cool reception.

It will take more in the line of Kubina, their 1st, and a bad contract in return (Handzus/Preissing) to pry the 5th away from LA.

2. Tampa is also like the Belle of the Ball.  With Vinnie reportedly available, and the #2 over-all pick, many believe something will be done.  A hypothetical discussed was based upon Hedman going 1st.  TB wants, Hedman, or, failing that, Ekman-Larsson or Kulikov.  This would mean #2, should Hedman go #1, could be available, if the right package was presented.  Some see a Thorton+Vlassic for Vinnie+#2 if Hedman goes first.

3. There is a viable package on the table for Heatley, but, despite his threats of pulling Heater off of the market after July 1st, Murray thinks there’s more to be had.  It may cost him 4M to get it though.  My understanding is that it is coming down to a choice between a particular player (Brown), or a high pick (5th).  Murray wants both.  The Sharks continue to circle Heatley as well, but without a #1 pick, their players in return have to include an NHL ready package as good as LA’s plus a top tier prospect to compensate for the loss of the #1 pick (i.e. Michalek+Vlasic+Couture+57th).  It is rumoured that the Kings have offered JJ+FRO+5th+35th,  for Heater+39th.  It’s unknown if LA or SJ are on Heaters “list”.

Like always, it could be a fiery week-end, or a fizzle and a pop.



4 Responses to “Draft (Jive?)Talkin’…”

  1. JJ+FRO+5th+35th, for Heater+39th?

    I would be very surprised it that’s true, but methinks Murray should jump at that if it’s on the table. Unfortunately that sounds like a pipe dream.

    • My understanding Oman is that Murray wants Brown and the 5th, not JJ, not FRO and not the 35th. Do I think the afore-mentioned package is good? It’s o.k., but, there are big issues with JJ (many believe LA wants anything for him, they’re done with his prima-donna status), who is an RFA after this summer, and FRO still has question marks, not to mention also with a soon to expire contract (1 yr. remaining).
      Like I said, there’s a deal on the table (is that it, I certainly do not know, as nobody asks my opinion!), but to this point Murray wants a better deal (in his opinion), and obviously feels it can be had, or the existing deal is solid and not about to be pulled. The problem with Brown alone is cap, as Heatley exceeds Browns salary by 4M+, so something would have to be thrown in…gulp, Preissing?
      The fact remains, there are multiple teams interested, but only one player available.

  2. Ah yes. The contract situation of these players must have a lot to do with it…

    • There’s so much rumour/speculation/innuendo out there today from all sorts of sources including media, scouts, GM’s and AGM’s…who the hell knows what’s going on…apart from Murray. My guy says 95% of what he hears is “spin” of some sort or another…he’s amazed at how much is being “leaked” or downright blabbered…he finds it hilarious.
      Maybe tomorrow will clear the air…maybe!

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