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There is some talk <<SOME REPORTING IT DONE – PRONGER FOR JOHNSON & 5TH>> out in hockey land that LA and ANA are looking to make a deal involving Pronger, J. Johnson, and pick(s).


Could this be a pre-cursor to a deal involving Ottawa?

Suddenly ANA has a derth of cap space and still needing more offense, while LA is over-weighted at defense, while remaining somewhat anemic up-front…

Possible scenarios abound, but, as this rumour of a deal remains just that, I’ll leave it to you to work out the possibilities.

But here’s one of the top of my head…nothing but talk;

To ANA  – J. Johnson, LA 1st rnd pick (5th)

To LAK – C. Pronger, 1st rnd pick (15th)


To LAK – D. Heatley, C. Schubert

To OTT – C. Pronger, A. Frolov.


To ANA – Heatley

To OTT – Perry, LAK 1st rnd (5th)

I’ve discussed J. Johnson as a possible asset in a trade for Heatley, but honestly doubt he would report to OTT, or if he did, not be a major PITA.  But, he would gladly go to ANA (actually, he probably already lives in the O.C.), and if he truly is demanding 4-5M, LA is not going to pay it, not with their depth a D, and budgetary constraints.  So moving him to ANA, for an asset to use in a trade is possible, or, from ANA’s perspective, maybe LA’s 5th over-all is the asset they’ve lacked in putting together a package for Heater.

Finally, something Sens related to talk about…love it!



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