A Ruling Without A Ruling?

We Sens fans have (fairly) been focused on the “Heatley Hostage Drama (redux)” but there was another very interesting development yesterday.

A passive tip of the hand by Baum that, as far as the court is concerned, Moyes does have the right to put the ‘Yotes into bankrupcy.

Otherwise, why even discuss the finer details of the Balsillie offer?  If in fact Moyes does not have this right, the Balsillie, or any offer for that matter, is moot in the eyes of the court, as the team is not in fact in bankruptcy proceedings…right?

So, it would appear to me that the court has again, unofficially albeit, denied the central tenant of Bettmans case, that the NHL, not Moyes, controls the fortunes of the ‘Yotes.

On the surface, this may seem a somewhat irrelevant, if not foregone conclusion, but remember, there are at least 2, if not 5 other teams also in dire financial straights, and if the NHL no longer wields the “care and control” proxy it implied it had, when forwarding bridge loans, will they be as willing to make these advances, only to have the real owner spurn their selfish wishes at a later date?

The tacit loss of this proxy changes the economic landscape of the NHL, and, as a result, removes one more brick from the defensive wall Bettman has tried to build around the crumbling US expansion strategy.

Bettman has been outflanked, he has been disarmed, and with the main power broker within the NHL (MLSE) looking at a pittance in return for stiff competition, Bettman has died on his sword.

Pride before the fall Gary…luckily, this time the winning side is pro hockey, pro Canada, and not, for the first time in over a decade, pro status quo.

Whether Balsillie continues in this process by coming up with the additional cash to compensate MLSE, is now virtually irrelevant, the old guard NHL has lost the war, now they just have to decide if they’d rather have their emperor, or their money.

Because eventually, if forced to do so, Baum is going to drop the big one.



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