Clouston Turns Off The Heat

Now, I’m not going to trash Heater, that would be too easy. Actually, what could I do to besmirch his stellar reputation that he hasn’t done already?
What bothers me the most in all of this is the fact that it comes a mere 2 seasons after signing a long term extension. An extension with a no trade clause no less. Seriously, apart from liking the money, and “demanding” all of the frills, what drives a player to turn his back on his club in such a short period.
Apparently, a little hard work.
Because that’s why he found his ice time shrinking, and lost his place on the top PP unit. Instead of working hard, Heatley wanted to post up in the slot, and slap at one timers. I’ll give him credit, he does it brilliantly, few can shoot with such accuracy and tempo from almost any angle, but come on Heater, you broke into the NHL as a “complete” player. You’ve grown lazy, and petulant, and frankly, if that’s how you see yourself as a player, good riddance to bad rubbish. You’ll do more to make those around you worse, than better.
Look no further than Alfredsson I say. Has he ever potted 50 goals? Nope. But honestly, would you trade Alfie for Heatley? If you said yes, you need to learn the meaning of synergy.
If in fact Heater is gone, the question becomes, what do we need to replace him? I’d say a top 2 dman, and a bonafide top 6 forward.
Barker and Byfuglian?
Whitney and Perry?
Souray, Penner and 2nd rnd. pick?
Tyutin and Nash?
Daley, Morrow & Neal?
Johnson and Frolov?
Bieksa, Burrows and Hodgson?
At the end of the day, I’m fine if Heater goes. Unfortunately, the Sens lack the internal depth to replace him, making a top six forward a must in any deal.


21 Responses to “Clouston Turns Off The Heat”

  1. I think you’re asking for too much from those other teams. Perry and Whitney? Anaheim wouldn’t be so dumb.

    Plus, this is a chance for the Sens to clear cap space. But if they bring in Souray and Penner, they are bringing in more than what Heatley makes.

    I think the final trade will be something amongst the lines of a young second or third-line player, a prospect and a draft pick.

    • Woozle man Says:

      While I think some of those deals are asking for too much in return for Heatley, others are reasonable. The team that gets Heatley will be one that needs more goals, that has the cap space to take on Heatley’s contract, and that can offer a top-6 player or top 2 defender + some other assets in return. Immediately LA, Edmonton and Colorado stand out. Vancouver is also possible, but with the Sedin twins to be resigned, they may not want to take on Heater’s contract. If however Mike Gillis could make this work, they would be an unstoppable force next year. I won’t venture a trade scenario though, too many variables.

      Johnson and Frolov could happen, definitely. Though with Frolov signed for only one more year, and Johnson soon to be an RFA, I’d like to see an additional exchange of draft picks favouring the Sens. The Kings didn’t have anyone who scored more than 66 points last year, and Frolov was their leading scorer with 32 goals. To compete in the West, they need at least one point per game player who will score around 50, and Heatley could easily do so playing with Kopitar and Brown. Plus he’ll be on the first PP line. I can see the following working out for both teams.

      To LA: Heatley and CBJ/OTT 2nd round pick
      To Ott: Frolov, Jack Johnson, LA 1st round pick

      Alternatively, the Oilers have been looking for a bona fide goal scorer to play with Hemsky for ages. Their top scorer was Hemsky with 66 pts, and Hemsky & Souray scored 23 goals. They need an elite goal scorer to compete in the Western Conference. They also have good young talent in their top 6, as well as assets on defense that they can move without jeopardizing their ability to compete.

      To EDM: Heatley and Christoph Schubert (who would play as a forward)
      To OTT: Sam Gagner / Andrew Cogliano, Tom Gilbert, and Jordan Eberle.

      Finally, Colorado needs goals in a bad way, and needs to turn their franchise around. Initially, I figured they would be front runners, after reading a rumour on sensbuzz. But now, I just don’t know who they could offer in return without gutting their lineup. We’ve got enough under-performing players on the Sens already, thanks.

      Gifted pure goal scorers are VERY RARE, and Heatley is under contract for a while. His contract is good value for at least the next 4 years. I doubt that BM will get snowed as some have suggested.

      • Woozle man Says:

        Just had a thought based on what Gerald said: Getzlaf and Heatley tore it up at the Worlds. If they can move Giguere (say to Edmonton) and don’t resign Todd Marchant, they will have the cap space to ice Perry(moved to LW), Getzlaf and Heatley as their top line, with Bobby Ryan, Teemu Selanne and Andrew Ebbet as their second line. Damn fine team if you ask me. Who would they give back? No idea. What could Edmonton offer? Young players & prospects. What would the Sens get? Probably those young players & prospects from Edmonton, along with something from the Ducks so that no one is over the cap, and Ottawa doesn’t have another gaping hole in their top 6. This would prime Ottawa to make at least one big signing in the free agent market, maybe two.

        A complicated scenario to be sure, and the only way I can see Anaheim making this deal and coming out stronger. So based on that I feel that Anaheim wouldn’t be such a good partner after all.

        • I still think the Ducks are stronger with Heater than Perry, as they need pure offense more than grind. To have both would put them over the top.

          • Woozle man Says:

            I agree, which is why I think my zany three way proposal involving Ottawa, Edmonton and Anaheim could work for all involved! What Ottawa would get back for them to make the trade is difficult to determine, but I have to think it would be at least one top 6 player and one prospect. Then Ottawa would also make an effort to land a big free agent.

      • awesome post woozle!
        The thing with Frolovs contract is that the short term is positive. If he works out, good, re-sign him under the new cap scenario, if not, let him walk.
        Short term deals, in this economy, are gold.

  2. Tom,
    Who’s to say, really? On the Sens side of the ledger is the fact that Heatley represents a top 5 offensive player in the NHL, and this is a VERY rare commodity. Just look at how silly GM’s get at UFA time, well, in these terms, Heatley represents the best player available this off season, with a known, fair (contextually) contract. If you want to improve your clubs offensive punch, Heatley is the only viable option at this point…unless Hossa becomes available. Vinnie is another option, but his contract is over weighted, making Heatley look even better.
    As for Anaheim…their biggest problem is scoring. Care to remember the damage done by the Heatley, Getzlaf line in the worlds? Heatley improves the Ducks over-all, even if losing Penner and Whitney. You also have to remember the team taking Heater has to make cap space, a young second/third liner would leave the receiving team on the hook for 5-6 million of Heatleys salary…not likely in a trade scenario. If it was such a “UFA” type trade, it would cost the receiving team hugely to compensate for the Sens short term skill loss, i.e. multiple 1st rounders and an 8A+ offensive prospect.
    I don’t think I’ve over valued Heatley, but, that isn’t to say it will come out the way I predict, there are just too many variables.
    I will go on record to say that he won’t be traded for less than a bonafide top 3 forward, or top 2 Dman +, or multiple #1 picks and a 8A+ prospect (Hodgsonesque).
    No way Murray moves him for a role player and prospects…no way at all. He’ll sit him out before making that sort of deal, mark my words, ’cause if he does…he might as well pack his bags too.

  3. I think the Sens could get a top 3 forward or a top dman, but not both. When I said second or third line, I wasn’t thinking role player. I was thinking more of someone who is young, but hasn’t broken through in terms of potential yet, and could help the Sens with secondary scoring (like a Phil Kessel).

    Also, I disagree with Heatley being a top 5 offensive player in the league (Malkin, Crosby, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Ovenchkin, Iginla, Thornton, Lecavillier, and that doesn’t include younger players with more upside such as Richards, Getzlaf, Parise, Carter, and it doesn’t include others who are even with Heatley, such as Kovalchuk, Staal and Nash).

    The longer it drags on, the less Murray will get. His value will be highest at the draft, but after that, Heatley’s worth will start to slip. ie- Vancouver is interested, but ends up resigning the Sedins and Bouwmeester, so all of a sudden, they’re out.

    • From a purely goalscoring perspective, apart from Malkin, Kovalchuk and OV, Heatley is the best of the rest. Look at the numbers, they don’t lie. This is what the other teams are buying, a finisher. Are the others on that list available? If not, you’re talking about a top 5 scorer, who is available, with a known contract…this is a HUGE opportunity for any club looking to fill this role, and giving up an unproven (depth?) player in return is laughable. There would be 29 teams willing to make this deal, damn the cap implications, so why in the name of Lord Stanley would Murray do it…with all due respect, not even a remote possibility.
      Think about it, woud Murray trade Lee for Boyle? Absolutely, and he’d make it work. But so would 28 other teams, so it would never happen.

      • Still strongly disagree. If you had a choice between Heatley and Iginla, you’d take Heatley? Or Heatley over Vinnie L? No chance.

        • Iggy is available?
          I said I’d take Heatley over Iggy?
          No to both, so what’s your point?
          Who has score more, Iggy or Heater?
          Who is avaiable, Iggy or Heater?
          Who would I rather have, Iggy or Heater?
          I think you’re confusing top 5 scorer, with top 5 player. Iggy, IMO, is a top 5 player, not a top 5 scorer. Heatley is a top 5 scorer, not a top 5 player.
          I think Iggy is an awesome player, and Heatley is an awesome scorer.
          In a world of supply and demand, the fact remains, the supply of players of Dany’s abilities is virtually nil, while the demand is virtually limitless.
          Sens will do well in this trade (which will happen before July 1st), or will wait for the trade deadline, whether Dany plays, or not, IMO.
          BTW, considering their respective contracts, I’d take Heater over Vinnie, easily.

    • Woozle man Says:

      I agree with you that Heatley is not a top five offensive player in the league, but you need to keep the comparisons to scoring wingers, as they are who teams interested in Heatley will be looking at to gauge his value. Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Thornton, Getzlaf, Richards and Lecavalier are all scoring centres that play a different role. Of the wingers you mentioned, not many can compare to Heatley’s stats since the lockout. Hossa, Kovalchuk and Nash are probably the closest comparisons, with Hossa especially apt due to his regular play with elite players at centre & on the left wing. What did he command as a soon to be UFA? Lots. Agree to disagree, but consider comparable scoring wingers before dismissing Gerald & my trade proposals.

      I do agree with you, though, that Heatley’s market value may decrease after July 1st, since there will be other scoring wingers on the market (Hossa being the best one). However, don’t forget that after July 1st, Heatley will have collected his 4 million dollar signing bonus from the Sens, which means that he will cost less in actual dollar amount than his cap hit suggests, which increases his value (at Melnyk’s expense). So it’s not so simple.

      • I still maintain Heatley is a top 5 offensive player, and the stats bare it out. Among wingers, he’s potentially #1 or 2.

  4. I keep getting flash backs to 2001…. hmm is don’t see any similarities lol

    • If by this you refer to the Hossa trade, yes, there are similarities, however, one biggy is the salary cap. If detroit cannot afford Hossa, they sure cannot afford Heater. But, a UFA sign and trade is possible, or maybe even an outright signing of Hossa, then trading Heater for high picks and a Dman…now that would be interesting…but a major logistical nightmare.

  5. I’ve read a few blogs/different people suggesting if Heatley goes to the LA Kings, Ottawa would get Frolov in return…. who the hell is Frolov? I’m a huge hockey guy and really don’t know much about him.

    Someone fill me in.

    I agree that this is Ottawa’s chance to clear cap space… maybe go after Camellari and save $2M/season.

    • Hi Burgundy,
      Frolov is a talented all aruond player with good offensive upside. He’s been mired in LA, and not provided with much support, but has still managed to produce some solid offensive numbers. He’s not an elite player (or has yet to prove to be), but is definately a top 6 forward, with the skills to assume a top 3 role given the right supporting cast (which Ottawa has).
      He is big, rugged, skates well, and can play with a physical edge, but has also been known to take nights off. Is it an inherent problem, or indicative of his teams over-all talent level and, location (LA)? Unknown.
      At his best, he’s Alfie, at his worst, he’s Vermette.
      He’s not one for one for Heatley, but, considering his skill set to salary ratio, he would improve the team vs Heatley (IMO).
      Lastly, he’s best friends with Volchy, and has only one season remaining on his deal, which means, if he works out, he’ll be compensated under the new cap reality, not the old, a la Heatley.

  6. You said “Heatley represents a top 5 offensive player in the NHL”. You didn’t say a top 5 offensive player who is available, and you didn’t mention anything about goals. You simply said top 5 offensive player, which I would rank Iginla (and the rest mentioned earlier) above Heatley.

    • Check the numbers , He is a top 5 in the NHL, both in goals, and total offense.
      Like I said, we’re talking trade, and who is available matters, and their abilitites vis a vis the entire league. Heatley is avaialbe, whereas the others on your list are not, and in terms of offensive rankings, he is higher then most of those on your list as well.

  7. haha what i was refering to was the yashin trade of 01.

    Now, I was disappointed when i first heard heater wanted out, but when i found out it was cause hes only playing 18 minutes a game instead of is old 20 minutes a game. im not so disappointed anymore. I would never what a kind of player like that one my team. Heater is a “ME” player not an “US” and the signs where always there, but we were mesmerized by all his goals that we didn’t realize/didn’t care.

    Its funny though, becuase getting rid of heatley could be the best thing for this team. and it just shows that it was never spezza’s fault, its heatly’s

    but anywho, good luck where ever you end up heatley, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  8. Points per game/career
    Heatley -1.07
    Datsyuk – .992
    Zetts – .938
    Thorton – 1.01
    Vinnie – .850
    Iggy – .903
    Getzlaf – .910
    Staal – .875
    Nash – .805
    And this doesn’t even take into account that he’s a winger, not a centreman, as are most on that list.
    Like I said, he is a top 5 offensive player, goal scorer and probably a top 3 winger.

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