Who’s The One Playing God, Gary?

Want to get a team near you, Hamiltonians?

Step one, stop going to Buffalo games.

Step two, watch the Sabres go bankrupt.

Step three, buy seasons tickets to Hamiltons new team.

Step four, wave good-bye to Bettman.

Speaking of Bettman, with comments like this;

“There is a brand-new building in Phoenix,” Bettman said of the Jobing.com Arena, the Coyotes’ home in Glendale, a Phoenix suburb. “There are people that are supportive of the franchise and want to keep it there. The team hasn’t been particularly well run. It’s fixable.”

One truly has to wonder if Bettman isn’t actually insane.  Sure, when the facts were being hidden in a shroud of obfuscation, and downright lies, one could assume Bettman was merely incompetent, but when less then 250 people show up to a rally to support the Coyotes remaining in Phoenix (not one single player, or management person I might add), one can no longer think this team stands a snowballs chance in hell.  And if Bettman thinks it does, he’s a lunatic.

Then there are brilliant non sequiturs like this one;

“When you have fans invest in a franchise emotionally and financially, you just don’t give up on them when times get tough.”

Just give up on them?  They’ve been in Phoenix for 11 seasons, never turned a profit, have lost untold millions, are bankrupt due to a lack of support, have consistently been among the worst attended teams in the NHL, and have virtually zero recognition even within Phoenix.  Does this guy believe this stuff, and if not, how stupid does he think we are?

Then, to cap it all off, the master of illusions came out with this beauty;

“What you don’t do is just abandon places to go somewhere else because somehow you think you have a divine right to a franchise in a particular place,” Bettman said.

Divine right you say, you think placing teams where they’re wanted, and would be profitable is divine right?  Sheesh, and here I thought it was good business, silly me.

What’s next Gary, gonna turn water into wine?  Because let’s face it, a successful franchise in Phoenix will take a miracle.

And you, Mr. Bettman, ain’t no David Blaine, let alone Jesus.



4 Responses to “Who’s The One Playing God, Gary?”

  1. Jesus is just a Spanish boy’s name.

  2. True, but I was referring to that other Jesus…you know, the one who has spurned the Senators goaltending, and the Toronto Maple Leafs…

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