If Something Seems Illogical, It Probably Is…

For sometime now, the mere thought that Bettman, and his Cabal of losers, actually wanted the Coyotes to desiccate in the desert, just seemed beyond belief.

Well, as is most often the case, it seems the unbelievable, no matter how high and mightily it is defended, turns out to be exactly that, unbelievable.

It seems that the chimeric Reinsdorf “expression of interest” may be a ruse after all.  Oh, this isn’t to say it doesn’t exist, just that the image of the well heeled, well intentioned White Knight riding to the rescue of the 18 to 23 odd rabid Coyotes fans may actually not be what he is being touted as being.

What, Bettman not being entirely truthful?

Well, not only do we know now how straight faced Bettman lied about the Coyote financial situation, but now it is being suggested that Bettman was aware of the Balsillie deal, which he’s (straight faced) denied, but it seems, according to someone close to the situation in Phoenix, it is in fact Bettmans intention to wring from Glendale the necessary conditions to both mitigate the teams losses in the short term, and then, once the alternate city of choice is ready, to have within this new agreement with Glendale an escape clause.  Once these terms are met (which, let’s face it, they will be), the team will bolt to Las Vegas.

The price for the new owners…just enough to cover the secured debt, leaving Moyes on the hook for over 100M in unsecured debt, and the yearly losses already up in smoke.  Would this satisfy you, if you were Moyes?  Honestly, apart from trying to give Bettman what he wanted (a successful non traditional hockey market), what has he done to deserve being financially raped by the NHL?

Ahh, Phoenix….errr, Las Vegas, where thoughts immediately go to ice hockey.  Where a primarily migrant workforce screams fo a professional sports franchise to call their temporary own.  Where disposable income has nowhere to go…WTF!

As they say, there’s a sucker born every minute, and if Bettman can keep swindling  new owners to finance his pie in the sky American Market Saturation dreams, all while holding a prime fall back position in Southern Ontario in his back pocket…well, honestly, can you blame him…or the suckers that inexplicably keep lining up, even after watching the guy in front of them get screwed over?

Think about it, who was worse, G.W.Bush, or the American voters that kept him in power?



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