Moyes Calls B.S.

As I asked in a previous post, why hasn’t the NHL, if in fact they exist, presented these other offers for the Coyotes? I mean, they’ve had no problem painting Moyes as a greedy, self serving, back stabber, or Balsillie as a rogue trouble maker.
What’s wrong with a little reality check?
In this spirit, Moyes called B.S., and yesterday filed a motion, accepted by the court, that the NHL present these alternate offers for his consideration, offers I might add, the NHL has chosen to call attention to.
Not surprisingly, suddenly, according to an objection filed today by the NHL, to reveal these offers would be inappropriate, and prejudicial.
Funny, it seemed a good idea to discuss them just a few short days ago.
Bettmans worse fears are playing out, but his avarice is keeping him from accepting a golden goose, in favour of wallowing in its droppings.


One Response to “Moyes Calls B.S.”

  1. Interesting development. I hope Moyes and Ballsly really drag the league through the mud on this one. Hopefully all these details will continue to be covered in the media through all the game 7’s etc.

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