The Plates Beginning To Fall?

Ponzi Scheme – (def.) Investment swindle in which high profits are promised & early investors are paid off from funds raised from later ones…

Now, I’m not suggesting the NHL, any of its owners, or Bettman himself has done anything illegal, or even immoral. But, I am suggesting Bettmans actions have, even if entirely inadvertently, created a “Ponzi Scheme” scenario.

When Southern US expansion took place, monies, through expansion fees, were paid to every existing NHL club. This occurred through each round of expansion, and undoubtedly, each new expansion owner believed there would be further expansion, giving them a crack at this money. But, like any Ponzi Scheme like scenario, eventually you run out of new investors. Worse, those who bought last, end up with a boatload of worthless assets (aka Coyotes, Thrashers, Preds, Lightning, and the Panthers).

It is necessary, if you are to make any money in this environment, to get out while the getting is good. Don’t think for a second the owners of the teams mentioned above don’t know this, and aren’t scared shitless at the possibility of Phoenix not only reducing the number of already limited buyers by one, but could also eliminate one of the only viable opportunities to receive the much anticipated expansion money.

Enter the Atlanta Thrashers.

It seems, they too are now interested in moving to Hamilton.

Balsillie, as I’ve already stated, has made it clear the Commissioner has no clothes, and the owners of money losing franchises are running for the lifeboats, before they’re all gone.

Did I just hear a plate crash Gary?

Balsillie may lose the fight, but because of him, we NHL fans may win the war.

This IS gonna get UGLY!



5 Responses to “The Plates Beginning To Fall?”

  1. Enough of this ..

    Let Winnipeg and Quebec city have their teams back .. I am not suggesting Colorado goes back .. but one of the failing teams ..
    If the league wants to subsidize a team.. at least it has to be a team where tickets aren’t being given away ..
    Then you plant another two teams in Southern Ontario and voila !!
    a more viable league !!

  2. I would love to see teams back into those two cities, the issue however remains buildings. This would require a new owner to come up with the 200M to build a new arena, and in Winnipegs case, to ompete with a recently build arena, that is just slightly too small for the NHL (aparently).
    I’m not sure what the situation is in Quebec City, but the old building was a mess…but, the atmosphere was OUTSTANDING.

  3. I think canada could take atleast 2 more teams, I live in halifax, and i know if they put a team in the maritimes, it would survive. Here in halifax, are major jr team is has always been one of the top teams in attendence. This year we tied for last in the league but was still one of the top teams in attendence. so we are very supportive of are teams

    this city deservse some sort of professional sports. but i think best we will ever do is the CFL (which is still gunna take years)

  4. Nick,
    I’d would live to see an east coast team, as I know hockey is a big attraction, but my worry would be two fold;
    1. An NHL calibre building,
    2. Corporate Sponsorship.
    Halifax doesn’t have the building, and in this economy, in all likelyhood, even if the team always sold out, the corporate backing just wouldn’t be there.
    It’s a damn shame, and a big indictment on the business model of the NHL that a market like Halifax can’t support a team.
    Blame the teams that have jacked up the salaries to impossible heights (TML, NYR, DAL, DET, MTL, and in their day, COL)
    Even with the salary cap, the running expenses outstrip ticket sales, and require corporate money…

  5. Ive always knew that we couldn’t support NHL hockey here in halifax and not having sitable arena is the problem.
    but what about a place like moncton, pretty much dead center of the maritimes and there are some big corporations in NB (like Irving which owns a Major jr team)
    Ofcourse they would also need a new arena but if you could get a big company (ie Irving) to support the team, it could survive.

    I know this will never happen, but why not try, Bettmen has put teams in places that logicly just were not gunna work. but he still tryed.

    Bettmen needs to stop ignoring canadians

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