Another Wobbling Plate?

Today it has been discovered that the “role model” A-typical franchise, the Dallas Stars, is also facing some serious financial woes.

Canadiens for sale.
Buffalo for sale.
Atlanta in court, and for sale.
Tampa Bay out of cash and looking to dump salary. (yeah, ’cause I’m sure the fans are sick of Vinnie…)
Phoenix bankrupt.
NYI threatening to move, and hemorrhaging cash (yeah, ’cause that always brings in the fans!).
Nashville in dire financial straights.
Dallas missing cash calls, and seriously over leveraged.
The economy in the toilet.

But Commissioner Bettman, thinks everything is under control.

“…based on the information that I have at the league level and the information that I am getting from the clubs, all 30 clubs … we are experiencing real growth.”  Jan, ’09.

Or how about this zinger.

“Nobody believes more in the NHL in Canada and having healthy franchises than me. That has been a hallmark principle that has guided me throughout my 15 years [as commissioner].”  Jan. ’08..

I call B.S.

Like I said, this is gonna get ugly.


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