Knives Of The Board Table

It seems the knives are out.

After having lost well over 250 MILLION dollars, Moyes has now been painted as the greedy guy, looking to rake in the proceeds of Balsillies offer.

Today, while speaking on both Hockey Central, and the XFM NHL Home Ice Network, Daly, the newly minted “NHL Approved” CEO of the Phoenix Coyotes, blasted Moyes as a sham artist for his having “surreptitiously” filed for bankruptcy.

Hmmm, if I’d spent over 250M of my own money, and some smarmy jack-ass and his thug came along and told me they could do nothing for me, but could work out a deal to re-coup their own money, and save their fragile pride, I don’t think I’d be worried about being considered the “sham” artist.

Obviously neither did Moyes.

Daly continues to insist there are other offers that will pay off all of the creditors…but, have you seen them?  Wouldn’t it seem prudent, in a war of integrity, as Bettman and Daly have made this, that they would present this offer unto the court of public opinion they are currently performing before?  Unless of course, much like the “Boots” deal, or the moneyless Koules/Barrie comedy duo from Tampa, these new owners are also carpet baggers, hoping to take advantage of the NHL’s two ego’s, who are looking to do nothing more then keep the plates spinning for as long as they can.

If you had spent 250M on your house, would you sell it for just enough to cover the mortgage, if you could instead sell it for more?  Would you let your neighbour scuttle the better deal because he doesn’t like the new buyer?

I sure as hell wouldn’t.  I’d tell him to put his money where his mouth is, and match the offer, or get stuffed.  And THAT is what Moyes has done.  And THAT is why Bettman and Daly are pissed.

As the saying goes, there ain’t no problem, if it ain’t my problem, but Moyes wasn’t willing to play along.  He wasn’t willing to hide Bettmans problem, at his own expense.

If it sounds like I hate Bettman, it’s because I do.  But, like they say, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you, and just because I think he’s a smarmy narcissist jack-ass, doesn’t mean he isn’t.

Oh, and by the way, anyone know the biggest industry in the Phoenix area?

Real Estate.

That’s right.  Real Estate.

Don’t know if you’ve heard Gary & Bill, but, uhh, those living in Phoenix did not give a wet willy about hockey when the market was on fire, and their values were going through the roof, but now, like their homes and property, their disposable income just got sliced in half.

But I’m sure, with facing fore-closure and all, a good night of “ice” hockey will be just the thing to distract the masses from their financial woes.

Look out Gary, that plates really beginning to wobble.

Lets face it, the only thing Phoenix is missing is somebody to call the time of death.  Gary may want to keep playing “Week-End at Bernies”, but eventually, the smell will give it away, no matter how many puppet strings Bettman pulls.


2 Responses to “Knives Of The Board Table”

  1. It seems that Moyes is in a no lose situation .. He has fixed the price so either balsilie or somebody else has to match .. Balsilie wins either way:
    – If it works .. he get his team.
    – If it doesn’t work it meant that he forced bettman and co. to overpay for a failing franchise ..
    this is what happens when people are not professionals ..

  2. sensay Says:

    It really is a sad indictment on the management of the NHL.
    To think that there could be any reasonable excuse to exclude a wealthy, willing owner from putting a team into a winning location, defies logic. To instead forego this option in favour of keeping a franchise in a losing scenario, is pure idiocy.
    This isn’t simply bad management, it’s a farce.
    Those claiming Moyes sale to Balsillie would put the NHL in a state of chaos are out of touch with reality. The NHL is not the NFL, where a team could make a go of it almost anywhere. The NHL isn’t going to have teams pulling up stakes because they’re being bombarded with better offers. That simply isn’t the reality of proferssional hockey. That entire argument is a huge red herring.
    This is a result of misguided greed having put teams into impossible markets, at the exclusion of more favourable markets, and business, like nature, abhores a vacuum. Phoenix, like many other “fake” franchises, are doomed.

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