Up And Down The Wing

A professional Slovak player pled guilty to stabbing a referee to death?  I sure hope there’s more to this story than meets the eye, because if it is game related…wow, how chilling.

According to Garrioch in today’s Sun, “Flash E.” is close to signing. Here’s hoping he can make an immediate impact on the big club, or, if not, the Sens do the right thing by his long term development.

What a goal last night by O.V. I still believe he is given too much rope, and allowed to play too much of an individual game, to the ultimate detriment of his team, but when he makes individual plays like that, I fully understand the temptation to let him do as he pleases.

A big plus to Torts, not only for benching Avery, but for remaining reasonably cool under fire after having a beer dumped on him during a commercial break. Just imagine if he had gone ape shit on a fan, while trying to coach Avery to show more composure…I like that guy, and he led by example.  Although, truth be told, I wish he had done this.  Yeah it would be wrong…but damn, would it have been fun to watch!
Let’s just say it’s not the worst I’ve seen from a Washington fan…this, from last seasons play-offs, is.  Honestly, why in the hell do US cities allow beer to be served in bottles…stupid, stupid, stupid!

So King Henrik is human after all. The second goal against was a puzzler, and to be honest, based upon the reverse angle, I’m still not sure how it went in, but it goes to show that a shot on goal is never a bad play.

Here’s a great blog posting from silversevensens.com about something I’ve been thinking about concerning the 07/08 Senators and the 08/09 Canadiens.  Well worth the read.
It also dovetailes nicely into this great article, in the Citizen, that speaks equally to modern Sens fans, as to modern Canadiens fan, albeit, without the interim Cup victories.

Lastly, nice performance by the Sens playing on team Canada. I know it’s only Belarus, but if playing for Team Canada can help rekindle their collective fires, I’m willing to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Have a great week-end.



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