The Price Is Wrong, Bitch.

O.k., I couldn’t help myself.

Is it wrong to take pleasure in the misfortune of others?  If it is, last night, I didn’t want to be right.

I’ve been to too many home games vs. the Habs, in which, should their team win, they behave in such a manner as to plant the seeds of serious fan hatred.  I’ve witnessed too many acts of deplorable “hooliganism” on the part of Habs fans to be apathetic.  Unfortunately, this hatred of the fans of a team, results in the hatred of the fans team, in this case, the Canadiens.  So, I’m glad they were swept, in fact, I’m ecstatic.

The only “kill joy” moment came when these same hooligan fans chose to deride the performance of a young Carey Price.  I’m no Price fan, for obvious reasons of partisanship, but to see a 21 yr. old being centered out as he was, even made me feel bad.  You know you’re crappy fans when even your own team hates you.  Talk about making a terrible last impression on any UFA’s being courted this off season.  Honestly, would you want to play for/in Montreal?  I wouldn’t.

In the end, the Habs leave their centennial season looking like an unmitigated disaster.  Off ice issues, coach fired, dressing room drama, team for sale, swept in the post season, 10 free agents.  It’s like a train wreck…and I can’t stop smiling.



Q. – Hey Colin, if Lucic got a game for a reactionary defensive cross check to the head of the on rushing Lapierre, what does Komi get for an intentional, attacking cross check to the static head of Lucic?

A – Probably nothing.


(the long answer) Because…the earths axiomatic contours make the polar influx of genomic diatribes inverse to the centrifugal forces surrounding the epicenter of the oceanographic hemisphere making any suspension too destabilizing to the ionic atmosphere envoloping the NHL.

(the short answer) Because…

If you don’t understand the long answer, it’s because, unlike Colin, you never played in the NHL.


2 Responses to “The Price Is Wrong, Bitch.”

  1. Let the talk of firing good ole GM Bobby begin. Really he has done nothing to help this team in the last 2 years, now there are a tons of FAs and he just left Price in there to die, why not start Halak, Price didn’t look so good so why make him suffer?

  2. Agreed. I’m of two minds on the Price ssue. In one regard, at least Gainey died on his sword vs. putting in Halak. Everyone knows (believes) Carbo’s playing of Price was the root of his firing, so Gainey made his bed, and slept in it.
    On the other hand, how selfish to put your own pride, and averice, ahead of the team? If Price wasn’t the man, for whatever reason, don’t play him out of some misguided sense of obligation. As well, how about Price himself? After he reacted to the crowd, no, check that, before the crowd gave him the Bronx cheer, he should have been pulled. We all knew it was coming, so why dod Gainey leave him to the wolves? Pride? Master Plan? Stupidity?
    That’s for others to decide, but to me, it’s inexcuseable.

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