Goaltender Envy

Is it just me, or has this years play-offs made the value of top quality goaltending all the more apparent?

Hillier in the O.C., Ogoode in Big D, Luongo in VanCity, King Henrik in Manhattan and, to a lesser extent, Thomas in Beantown.

All of the goalies have made overwhelming contributions to their clubs success thus far. And leave me wondering if Leclair might be our masked difference maker.
Just imagine Sens fans, a real #1 ‘tender. No more looking in envy at the oppositions goaltender as they close the door on our offensive weaponry, while ours lets in one a game softies.   No more Hasek, Brodeur, Cujo, Belfour, and Giguere envy.

Pascal Leclair, a real game stealer of our very own.

Pascal, do you know how big you could be?  Think in terms of a legend.  This city would fawn over you like the second coming of Johnny Bower.

You would be a God.

Dare to dream.



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