Year End Reviews – Clouston

We all know his name now, but when first brought on board, the name Clouston had about as much recognition as Mud.  I have to admit, his hiring looked more to me like a sacrificial lamb, put in place just to allow the Owner and GM enough time to seek out their real choice for head coach.  Murray of course denied this, and Clouston, for his part, indicated he took the job in order to earn a permanent role, but in the world of pro sports one quickly learns to discount public statements, when they appear counter-intuitive.

So was Clouston truly hired with an eye toward the future?  We’ll (he’ll) never know, but the fact is, it was one hell of a ballsy move for a guy to give up a good job in the AHL, for a wing and a prayer chance to make the NHL.  And that, in a nutshell, sums up Clouston.  He’s a winner.

I wouldn’t have taken the job, but then I guess that’s why I’m not in the NHL, but instead blog about it while cloistered in my moms basement…or so some think, lol!

So who is this Clouston guy?

Like I said, a winner.  In fact, if you look over his head coaching record, it’s not just impressive…it’s scary impressive.

AJHL – .627 W% – Coach of the Year.

WHL – .655 P% – Coach of the Year (2x WHL & 1x CHL).

Team Canada – U-18 gold medal.

AHL -.551 P%

NHL – .633 P%

The question remains, did Clouston benefit form inheriting a team eager for a new chance?  Sure, but, on the flip side, if he had failed, it wouldn’t have been pinned on him either.  So, if it comes down to the benefit of the doubt, a quick look at his coaching record would indicate it is certainly likely Clouston himself, and his coaching ability, played a significant role in the late season turn-around of the Senators.

Ultimately the proof will be in the win/loss column next season, but maybe, just maybe, the Sens have backed into an incredible head coach, of franchise label proportions.

Cory Clouston – A+


2 Responses to “Year End Reviews – Clouston”

  1. “In Clouston We Trust”

  2. We’d better, or pretty soon Big Mel will be paying more for coaches than players, lol!

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